Boulder 200

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Construida con vidrio templado, marco de aluminio y protección adicional en las esquinas

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    ‎Goal Zero


    ‎Goal Zero



    Nombre del modelo

    ‎Boulder 200 Briefcase

    Dimensiones del producto

    ‎74.93 x 16.51 x 109.22 cm, 21 kilogramos


    ‎1 Desconocido (Tipo de pila necesaria)

    Número de modelo del producto


    Número de producto


    Número de productos


    Potencia eléctrica

    ‎200 vatios

    Pilas / baterías incluidas


    Pilas / baterías necesarias


    Contiene líquidos


    Peso del producto

    ‎21 kg

    3 valoraciones en Boulder 200

    1. IceCubes

      Item arrived far in advance of estimate. Packaging damaged on arrival, and completely open down one side. Waited three days until I had time to test it. Works fine. Cloudy day, April 7th, but is generating over 20v at 10am. Good tip from previous reviewer abount inserting the polystyrene packaging to protect the panels in the briefcase.

    2. Sky

      Awesome quality but very poor leg design and well above average price for comparable products ! ..Some might wonder if I like Goal Zero and I do ! ...But !!! ..Some might wonder also if Goal Zero's right hand move's in parallel with their left hand !..The glass panel itself is top notch as is the sturdy encasing ! ..The legs ????...Oooh ! ..Turn this panel upside down with the legs sticking up and you have created an effective determent for invading armies to become impaled rofl..Why is this important ???.. Its important because the panel is so heavy that once you unfold you end up dragging it into your optimal position at the same time dragging all the dirt, debris, cats, dog's, humans and anything else these sharp angled legs can catch along their way *grin !.. Make the legs more user friendly, drop the price by about 100 dollars and I will up my stars !..Otherwise !...Shopper's !..Check out the Renogy briefcase's, they have solved the leg designs, the pricing and best of all they adapt to nearly every Solar generator's wattage input ! ..Sincerely, Eric

    3. john Hepburn

      Good packaging, good carrying case. Didn’t like the anderson plug. Had to buy a connector to the battery pack.

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